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Tanner EDA Software Tools - Training Advance Design Course for Analog IC & Mixed Signal

Attend UPI and T-Cells training to gain productivity--and some free tools! Tanner's advanced training course on UPI programming, the L-Edit Pro programming interface, and T-Cells, L-Edit's parameterized cell capability, will make you more productive!

This training class takes you step-by-step through programming the UPI and creating T-Cells. Not just in theory, but in a hands-on workshop that shows you how to use UPI and T-Cells to automate layout tasks, create parameterized layout generators and perform special analyses.

Our two-day UPI and T-Cells course is divided between presentation and hands-on training exercises. Do you have specialized UPI or T-Cell questions? Our instructors are ready to address them in this unique class.

Materials Included with Course:

  • Introductory programming manual, Absolute Beginner's Guide to C (2nd Edition). This book will be sent prior to the class so you can review basic C programming.
  • UPI Macro Application Wizard Add-In for Visual Studio that makes setting up UPI macro projects a breeze.
  • Visual Studio macros and Add-Ins to make you ultra productive, so you can concentrate on your design, not the design process.
  • Advanced UPI Macros and T-Cells with source code that gives you a great starting point for turning your ideas into results.


Advanced C programming topics will be covered during the course. Participants are expected to have the following basic knowledge of C programming:

  • Basic C syntax
  • Variables and basic data types
  • Expressions and operators (+, -, /, &, |, &&, ||, etc.)
  • if statements
  • for loops
  • while loops

Course Syllabus

Day 1: How to Create and Use UPI Macros

  • Advanced C Review - Arrays, Pointers, Memory Allocations, and C Preprocessor.
  • Creating Interpreted Macros
  • Creating Compiled Macros
  • Debugging UPI Macros
  • UPI Specific Topics
    • UPI Data types
    • Binding Macros to Hot Keys and Menus
    • Creating multiple macros in one file
    • Getting User Input (using the UPI Dialogs)
    • Traversing object/cell/layer lists
    • Working with Technology Information

Day 2: Creating Parameterized Cells with T-Cells

  • L-Comp - Layout composition functions
  • UPI & T-Cells Advanced Topics:
    • Layout Generators
    • Running in Batch mode
    • Working with Derived Layers and DRC Rules
    • Properties

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