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SDL Router

SDL Router is an automatic routing engine integrated directly into SDL. It speeds layout by automatically routing non-critical nets while allowing the designer to manually route performance sensitive nets and parts of nets. It natively uses the routing geometry created by the user, and runs on all or a specified subset of nodes on each pass. SDL integration means users can easily highlight and rip up nodes, manage the manual and automatic routing status, and implement ECOs.

Top 3 features & benefits:

1. Integration with SDL

  • SDL Router is part of the SDL layout flow, and will work with user-created nets.
  • Information about routing status is displayed in the SDL navigator

2. Interactive

  • Layout engineer can route single nodes, groups, or the entire design.
  • Nodes already routed by hand are recognized and ignored.

3. Wide trace support

  • SDL Router determines appropriate trace widths based on the sizes of ports in the layout, and routes using wide traces.
  • Arrays of vias are used on wide metal trace layer transitions.

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