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Tanner EDA Announces Solid Growth in Revenue and Technology for Fiscal 2010

22nd year boasts 17% total revenue growth over fiscal year 2009, feature-rich software releases and new tools to bolster productivity

MONROVIA, California – September 17, 2010 – Tanner EDA, the catalyst for innovation for the design, layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits (ICs), closed fiscal 2010 (year ending May 2010) with strong growth across a number of key business and technology metrics. Solid growth in revenues, new customers, product line, distributorships, staffing, and foundry relationships marked the company’s 22nd year in business.

Revenue growth continued its steady upward trend. Total revenue for the year was up 17% over fiscal year 2009. Regional revenue growth ranged from 6% to 86%, with the top three regions being North America, Central and South America, and the Middle East.

Over 125 new customers were added to the Tanner EDA customer base, in industries such as life sciences, sensors and imagers and intellectual property (IP). Tanner EDA’s HiPer Silicon full-flow analog tool suite was used to design products such as MEMS, analog/ mixed-signal (A/MS) ICs, power management sub-systems, sensors, imagers, and medical devices.

Product line growth was also significant. The company shipped version 15 of the HiPer Silicon full-flow analog design suite, which included a new database for simulation data, new waveform viewer, enhanced signal analysis platform, and a breakthrough tool for device and structure generation, HiPer DevGen. HiPer DevGen, focused on analog IC design productivity, accelerates the most time-consuming aspects of the layout process while improving quality and design consistency.

The company continued to improve customer outreach and support with the addition of three new distributors: Advino Technologies Pte. Ltd. for southeast Asia, DaouXilicon Inc. for Korea, and  Kelleher Systems for North America. Tanner EDA also hired six new employees across all business functions, including a new vice president of marketing and strategy and a new vice president of sales.

Tanner EDA continued to extend and deepen relationships with key foundry partners, working on qualified process design kits (PDKs) across a number of process nodes. With Dongbu HiTek Semiconductor, Tanner EDA is jointly developing foundry-certified PDKs to deliver access to Dongbu HiTek’s 0.35 micron BCDMOS process on Tanner’s tool flow. With Sound Design Technologies, Tanner EDA collaborated on development of a PDK for thin film technologies. And with TowerJazz, the company is collaborating on the development of a PDK for power management device design.

“We are dedicated to supporting, maintaining, and enhancing all aspects of our product line even as we create powerful new tools that allow designers to meet the complex IC design challenges ahead,” said Greg Lebsack, president of Tanner EDA. “Our steady growth results from customer satisfaction. We are committed to continuing to drive innovation with tools that make design easier and more productive.”

About Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA provides a complete line of software solutions that drive innovation for the design, layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) integrated circuits (ICs). Customers are creating breakthrough applications in areas such as power management, displays and imaging, automotive, consumer electronics, life sciences, and RF devices. A low learning curve, high interoperability, and a powerful user interface improve design team productivity and enable a low total cost of ownership (TCO). Capability and performance are matched by low support requirements and high support capability as well as an ecosystem of partners that bring advanced capabilities to A/MS designs.

Founded in 1988, Tanner EDA solutions deliver just the right mixture of features, functionality and usability. The company has shipped over 33,000 licenses of its software to more than 5,000 customers in 67 countries.

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