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Customer Quotes | Tanner EDA


"After we had installed Tanner EDA tools, we had come a long way towards easier IC design of sense amps for capacitance. We are satisfied that we can use HiPer Verify directly for layout verification functionality without any change to the rule file that is provided by the fab."-- Hiroshi Abe, President, ACT LSI, Inc.


"Tanner' EDA's PC-based tool set is well established in the industry. The integration of foundry rules for layout is straightforward and compatible with all Tier 1 foundries. Tanner EDA's customer service is top notch. Andigilog appreciates and comes to expect regular version updates and support from Tanner EDA to stay current. And with the introduction of new functionality like Interactive DRC and HiPer Verify, using Tanner EDA tools is a no brainer." -- Craig Aykroyd, Senior Analog Design Engineer, Andigilog


"We've found over the years that the Tanner tools evolve and keep pace with our needs. We are able to achieve our product roadmap of high-speed clocking, interconnects and memories. From the perspective of a focused company looking purely at productivity and engineering resources, I don't need to have a CAD expert on staff if I have Tanner tools. I know we can get all the functionality needed to get the job done efficiently and cost-effectively." -- Mahesh Tirupattur, Executive Vice President, Analog Bits, Inc.


"At the start of AnSem, 13 years ago, Tanner EDA was selected mainly for two reasons: AnSem was designing only small IP building blocks in trailing technology nodes and Tanner EDA was cost-efficient. Today AnSem is designing complex analog mixed signal ASICs even down to the smallest technology node 40nm and is still using Tanner EDA. So the chip size increased significantly, the complexity went up and the technology node shrunk and Tanner EDA tools are still meeting our requirements." -- Joan Ceuterick, Business Development Manager, AnSem NV


"Before the introduction of Tanner EDA tools, we had had trouble in physical verification, like DRC. But nowadays, since reliability of verification was considerably improved, we can use the Calibre® rule file without any change, and also working efficiency increased." -- Michinori Ichikawa, President, Brainvision Inc.


"Calient Optical uses Tanner EDA exclusively for layout of all its product designs. It provides a good balance of performance and ease of use, while continuing improvements in its software constantly adds value to its line of products. One of the most critical aspect of its capabilities is its ability to handle large, complex projects, as Calient Optical's designs can include more than 30 layers and millions of objects." -- John M. Chong, Director of Engineering, Calient Optical Components


"Our philosophy is to select the most cost-effective tool for a particular engagement. Additionally, we have to be capable of managing a wide variety of jobs - our designs operate from DC to 5GHz. We frequently push the capabilities of tools in our work and we need to be able to customise them when necessary. That’s something that is easy to do with L-Edit Pro; it's very straightforward to write our own device generators, for example. Another important consideration is the time it takes to learn to use, or re-acclimatise, with the tool. We have to pull design teams together very quickly, start projects quickly and deliver them quickly - L-Edit is a great help in that respect and its simplicity also reduces our need for CAD support." -- Richard Traherne, Business Unit Manager for Wireless, Cambridge Consultants Ltd.
Cirrus_Logic "Tight schedules require tools that can get us moving quickly, that everybody knows and that everybody can use. That's why we're so keen on L-Edit. L-Edit is always going to be with us." -- Priyank Gupta, Design Engineer, Cirrus Logic


"We like the usability performance and extendibility of the Tanner EDA tools. The industry perception is that PC-based tools are not suitable for 'real' chip development.100 Million CSR Bluetooth chips later, we disagree." -- - Paul Egan, Physical Design Group Leader, CSR plc.


"It's our greatest strength to be in a position to develop space-use components , able to design and evaluate ideas for radial rays in house. Tanner EDA provided the necessary functionality at an affordable price, so we could realize such an environment ." -- Akiko Kajiwara, Principal Engineer, Technical Dept, High-Reliability Engineering & Components Corp.


"We can now simulate analog and digital together very efficiently. We also work with analog circuits that involve low voltage and low currents and we find that the Tanner tools can simulate these designs very accurately. Other chip design tools that we’ve looked into are far more expensive and typically require a dedicated support staff just to keep the tools running."-- Reid Harrison, Ph.D., Founder and President, Intan Technologies


"To actualize ultralow noise at 50 electron (RMS), we needed a tool that was able to verify the considered cause in detail. We are satisfied with Tanner EDA tools not only because of precision and functionality, but also because of the low learning curve.”-- Professor Hirokazu Ikeda, Department of Spacecraft Engineering, JAXA / Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency


"High-end EDA tools are better suited to Manhattan-style geometry and keeping things 'square,' but everything we do in MEMS is circular. With L-Edit, I can go from concept to finished GDSII in about two weeks. There's never been anything as easy to use for this as Tanner tools." -- Pete Loeppert, Vice President R&D, Knowles Acoustics


"The role we play in our customers' success has a lot to do with our evolution from digital into analog design, where we really begin to add value in power management technology. L-Edit and Tanner tools are an essential part of that."-- N. Ramakrishnan (Ramki), Founder & CEO, Mandate Chips & Circuits Pvt. Ltd.
"In analog design for green technology, the important goals are low standby current and high power efficiency. It's a different game with different rules, and we can lay out these small yet complex designs comfortably in Tanner."-- Vikras Kumar, Manager of Customer Success, Mandate Chips & Circuits Pvt. Ltd.


"At Luminescent, we encounter many types of layout from semiconductor companies around the globe. L-Edit is fast, flexible, and easy to use regardless of design style." -- Andrew Moore, Ph.D., Vice President, Luminescent


"Back in the 1990s our design center used Tanner tools, so we adopted them and have used them ever since. Our accelerometers combine MEMS IP and analog circuitry IP, and the Tanner tools are flexible enough for both our circuitry and the sensor. We model the sensor as a resistor, and we can also model it as a polarized resistor because the thermopile has a polarity. Tanner tools have been 100% reliable for us ever since we started using them. We've never had a tapeout error due to verification." -- Yongyao Cai, Director of Technology Partnership and Development, MEMSIC


Tanner EDA Tools enabled the design and layout of the chip set in Microsoft's Smart Watches with MSN Direct through an innovative and cutting edge process. This very low power, multi-function integrated circuit has RF, analog and digital circuits integrated into a single 2.7x2.7 millimeter die using TSMC 0.18um process.“ -- Jim Turner, RF Design Engineer, Microsoft Corp.


"We could draw millions of array layouts for fine patterns quickly and easily. The display is high speed, and we can demonstrate exposure device without any stress." -- Takashi Matsuoka, Engineer, Technology Dept. Processing Device Group, Nano Systems Solutions, Inc.


"The flexibility and ease of use of Tanner EDA tools enabled NeuriCam to design all the key blocks in the complex VISoc Vision System on Chip architecture in a very short time. Optical sensors, video analog blocks, RISC and neural processors were integrated in a very compact chip that was fully operational after the first silicon run." -- Alvise Sartori, CEO, Neuricam


"In a startup, where you wear different hats every day and spend only some of your time doing IC design, the learning curve on most high-end tools is just enormous. The user interface on Tanner EDA tools is much more task-oriented and intuitive. When we set out to do the VGA design, we knew we could depend on the Tanner tools for all of our work in analog. We planned to design the analog blocks on Tanner tools, and then perform most of the chip assembly on workstation tools. But we were so used to working in the more intuitive Tanner world that we ended up doing the entire chip assembly in Tanner. We designed the digital block on the workstation, then transferred it to Tanner as a GDS file for all of our chip assembly. We then moved it back to the workstation for final checks." -- Bryan Ackland, VP Egineering, NoblePeak Vision Corporation


Tanner EDA helps us to be fast and accurate. The DRC and LVS design verification tools let us turn around new designs quickly and make sure they work the first time. Faster time-to-market has helped us maintain our position as the leader in practical spintronics." -- Joan Lange, Layout Technician, NVE


"The tools were intuitive to use and we had no problems getting under way. We were able to split up the design tasks allocating the various IC block designs to different engineers." -- Stefan Schubert, Executive Vice President, PE GmbH


"Tanner EDA tools provide a complete, easy-to-use, solution for ASIC and MEMS designers at a reasonable price. The Windows-based system enables interactive web-based design reviews that are trivial to set up. The GUI enables any EE to use it without formal instruction, and the design kit allows for rapid realization of mixed-signal ASICs. This first time user was able to pick up the tool, design a mixed-signal circuit of about 4000 transistors, and tape it out in five months. Since the chip worked exactly as simulated- and desired- on the first try, I obviously think very highly of Tanner EDA and its tools." -- Mark Zdeblick, Ph.D., Chief Technology Officer, Proteus Biomedical


"As the number of tests and therefore the number of codes required grows, it will be essential to use the programmable layout generators or T-Cells in L-Edit to quickly and automatically design the hundreds or thousands of coded microparticles." -- Stuart Crowther, SmartBead Technologies Ltd


"With most other tools, there's often quite a bit to do when you bring up a design tool. For instance, you usually need someone to do extensive set up and configuration. That's often a full-time job for someone. The beauty of Tanner EDA is that it's a self-contained package. It contains everything you need. You buy it, put it on your computer, and within two hours, you're in business." -- Mark Wadsworth, Ph.D., President, Tangent Technologies


Re S/Edit/ T-Spice Pro: "The Corner Simulation entry is one the best features that Tanner added. I use it extensively in my simulations; it's a huge time saver." --Fred Floru, Principal Engineer, THAT Corporation


"Tanner EDA tools have all necessary functions such as IC design, layout design, and physical verification. Additionally, the pricing is innovatively affordable. Tanner EDA is a reliable partner that provides us a necessary environment to realize a low-voltage operation, high accuracy, and low-cost of power supply ICs." -- Tomoko Jojo, Manager, CAD Section R&D Administration Dept. R&D Division, TOREX SEMICONDUCTOR LTD.


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