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Design Type Industry / Application


Arrow1Building a Physical Verification Environment Compatible with Calibre®/Dracula® at Less than 1/5th Existing Cost

High-performance Sensors, Micro-sensors Industrial Controls, Automotive, Aerospace & Defense


Arrow1Helping designers stay ahead of the miniaturization curve

Mixed Signal Consumer Electronics, Memory


Arrow1 Analog/ Mixed-signal ASIC Case Study

ASICs and IP RF CMOS, High-Speed Data Comm, Data Acquisition, Ultra Low-Power / Low-Voltage


Arrow1Reliable Calibre® Compatible Physical Verification Environment Can Be Actualized at Low Price High Speed / High Sensitivity CMOS Imaging systems Life Sciences


Arrow1Boosted productivity at UK's leading RF IC design center
Analog, Mixed Signal Various


Arrow1Flexibility and easy learning curve enables leading foundry to innovate quickly and efficiently

Analog, Mixed Signal Life Sciences, Aerospace, Industrial


Arrow1Low-cost tools get Bluetooth silicon up and running

Mixed Signal Consumer Electronics




Arrow1Thanks to Tanner EDA's Functionality and Price, We Started a New Business

Radiation-resistant Components Aerospace & Defense


Arrow1Tanner's L-Edit and T-Cells drive productivity and speed to market

MEMS Foundry / Industrial (Solid State Lighting – LEDs)


Arrow1Tanner EDA tool suite enables digital and analog ICs for medical device used in electrophysiology and neuroscience research

High-performance digital and analog ICs, mixed-signal Medical, Life Sciences


Arrow1For Actualizing Ultralow Noise at 50 Electron (Rms), Reliable Tools Are Essential Ultralow Noise ASICs Industrial Controls, Aerospace & Defense


Arrow1Boosted productivity and cut cycle-time; design from concept to completed GDSII in two weeks MEMS Consumer Electronics (mobile handsets)


Arrow1Interoperability & customer service make Tanner EDA the tool of choice for a leading design firm in India

Analog, Power Management IP for CE (mobile phones), Medical Devices, Automotive


Arrow1Designing a piece of the Olympic Torch Gold; delivering robustness and reliability for mixed Analog and MEMS design

Analog, Mixed Signal, MEMS Consumer Electronics (mobile handsets, computers)


Arrow1Using L-Edit for Pattern Rendering and Edit Functionality for Exposure Device Image Sensors & Opto-electronics IC Processing, Nanotechnology


Arrow1Intuitive user interface and price-performance ideally suited to IC design start-ups Imagers Defense


Arrow1Interoperability helps power management designers go "Green" Analog, Power Management Consumer Electronics, Automotive


Arrow1Made circuit design easier to swallow for Biomedical Life Sciences start-up

Analog, Mixed Signal Life Sciences (Intelligent Medicine)


Arrow1A combination of micro and nanotechnology is helping to speed up medical tests


Life Sciences


Arrow1Providing All Necessary Functions at an Innovative Price for Power Supply ICs

CMOS Analog ICs
Power Management Solutions

White Papers

Arrow1Modeling Parasitics in Sub-Micron IC Designs: Extract Them Before They Cost You a Re-Spin

Arrow1Cambridge Silicon Radio's Growth Propelled by Using the Right Tools

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