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tcl code in w-edit

tcl code in w-edit

Postby mtepegoz » Thu Nov 15, 2012 4:40 am

Hello guys,
I need to sample a waveform (trace) in w-edit with custom x vector. As far as I understand from the help file, "trace sample" function can do it. Regarding this:

1. There is no "trace sample" function in the measure commands of the waveform calculator. Is this normal?

2. Could you please send me an example tcl command (anything as soon as it is in tcl) so that I can use it to form "trace sample" function in w-edit? I would appreciate it more, if you could send me a tcl code using "trace sample" command.


Re: tcl code in w-edit

Postby Tanner_AE_RM » Mon Nov 25, 2013 2:32 pm

You can use "measure sample" command in TCL script or "sample" function under Measures command in Waveform Calculator. Here is the syntax for "measure sample" command:
measure sample -help
# WED Help screen for command: measure sample -- Resample a trace using a given sampling rate (delta X)
# Optional arguments:
# -trace <trace>: trace name or expression
# -delta <dx>: the desired uniform X step value for the new trace
# -from <x-axis coordinate>: start of range
# -to <x-axis coordinate>: end of range
# -chart <chartname>: name of chart
# -chartbook <chartbookname>: name of chartbook
# Optional flags:
# -help: Display this help screen

Here is an example.
measure sample -trace Out:V -delta 2n -from 0 -to 50n
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