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Tanner EDA provides PDK (process design kit) support for advanced process technologies from leading foundries. This PDK service, offered free of charge to qualified commercial customers under maintenance, typically includes schematic libraries, SPICE models, layer and GDSII definitions, parameterized cells, verification setup, and parasitic extraction decks.



Tanner EDA is proud to participate in Open Access interoperability initiatives. We are active IPL and Si2 members; working with other companies in the EDA ecosystem to drive standards for PDKs and related design library data.
Tanner EDA and XFab work together to offer shared customers cost-efficient mixed signal analog process design kits utilizing L-Edit, HiPer Silicon and HiPer PX.

Tanner EDA and TowerJazz  team up to help reduce design and fabrication cycle times providing a competitive advantage to mutual customers.

UMC's customer driven foundry solutions complements Tanner ED's responsive customer focus. Together UMC and Tanner EDA provide an affordable and comprehensive solution for analog mix signal designs and processes.
Headquartered in Seoul, Korea, Dongbu HiTek's best-in-class foundry services encompass Analog, High Voltage CMOS, CMOS RF and BCDMOS technologies, CMOS Image Sensor(CIS), and Display Driver IC (DDI) chips as well as chips that incorporate NOR Flash memory functions at nodes ranging from 90nm to 0.35um.
Highlighting Dongbu HiTek's Analog Foundry Service is specialized in processing, manufacturing and design support.
Outstanding Analog CMOS & BCD processes can expedite the time to volume production at 0.18um and 0.35um nodes and our processes are best choice to implement a variety of Analog and Power Chips for Mobile, Consumer, Communication, Industrial and Automotive applications.
Committed to providing high quality analog-intensive wafer processing and responsive customer service, this operation aims to become the industry's most respected analog foundry.
Tanner EDA and MHS Electronics provide high performance analog design and fabrication solutions that serve the Telecommunication, Automotive, Medical and Power Management semiconductor markets.
Tanner EDA and LFoundry foster high confidence customer partnerships that require flexibility and technology customization. The comprehensive functionality, productivity and ease of use of the Tanner EDA IC design tools, in conjunction with LFoundry processes can minimize design time and risk, thus speeding concept to silicon.
labs_logo1 MEMS: Tanner Laboratories, a division of Tanner Research, Inc. also provides MEMS prototyping, consulting, and low volume MEMS (microfabrication) services.  For more information  visit their website.
customer-Epc ESPROS Photonics Corp. offers Tanner EDA PDKs for their Photonic CMOS process.  Please visit the ESPROS website to learn more about their advanced optoelectronic capabilities and offerings.

Additional foundries:

AMIS (On Semiconductor)

Austria Microsystems


Chartered Semiconductor






ST Microelectronics



Learn more about our foundry relationships.

Foundries Contact

Tanner EDA is always looking for new foundry partners. If your foundry is interested in what Tanner EDA can offer you and your customers, email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us at 1-626-471-9701.

Foundry Services

The EUROPRACTICE IC Service, offered by IMEC and Fraunhofer, provides Tanner EDA solutions to qualified members of Europractice in academic and research institutes throughout Europe.  Design kits are provided in Tanner EDA format.

MOSIS provides access to fabrication of prototype and low-volume production quantities of integrated circuits. MOSIS lowers the cost of access to fabrication by combining designs from multiple customers on multi-project wafers (MPW).  Design kits are provided in Tanner EDA format.



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