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Parasitic Extraction - HiPer PX | Tanner EDA

HiPer PX ensures successful IC tapeouts by providing accurate, simulation-ready RC models of interconnect parasitics and crosstalk.

HiPer PX is an accurate layout-to-circuit extractor for deep submicron MOS and bipolar circuits. Compact and accurate RC models for interconnects are generated that are accurate up to a user-defined signal frequency. HiPer PX uses a fast and comprehensive interpolation method or an accurate boundary-element method for capacitance extraction and an efficient finite-element method to accurately extract interconnect resistances.

Top features & benefits:

Designer can accurately model interconnect parasitic effects so they don't have to:

  • Sacrifice performance or overdesign to achieve safety margins. This wastes power, silicon, and ultimately higher design time.
  • Estimate parasitics by hand, which is laborious and inaccurate.
  • Redesign if the design fails or is below specifications after fabrication. This leads to huge costs for failure analysis, redesign, fabrication and schedule loss.



2D (fast) extraction pre-computes a table of values using the same methods as the 3D version, and then uses that table to estimate the parasitics based on a 2D representation of the layout.


3D (accurate) extraction creates a full 3D model of the layout and extracts parasitics based on finite element analysis using the vertical spacing, thickness, and dielectric constant of the layers.

ArrowView the HiPer PX, Parasitic Extraction Datasheet.

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