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What's New in Tanner Tools v15.1?

“The Corner Simulation entry is one the best features that Tanner added.  I use it extensively in my simulations, it's a huge time saver.”
              --Fred Floru, Principal Engineer, THAT Corporation, on T-Spice Pro v15

"Tanner Tools v15.10 incorporates many enhancements. The waveform viewing tool W-Edit is completely transformed, offers a more advanced display, and adds tcl scripting and a full range of features and built-in measurements. The speed upgrade to T-Spice, feature additions to L-Edit, and S-Edit, and Calibre compatible verification make Tanner Tools a great choice for Obsidian Technology."
              --Robert Heaton, General Manager, Obsidian Technology and v15.10 Beta User

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S-Edit Additions

  • Enhanced Connectivity views can be viewed and edited in SPICE format
                    -Spice, EDIF, and Verilog import now create Spice views
                    -Spice views are saved with the design and the imported Spice is saved
                    -Importing a hierarchical netlist creates separate cells for each subcircuit in the
  • Enhanced access control of designs allow better team collaboration
                    -Improved control over write permissions. When opening a design, users choose to
                              open the design with Exclusive or Non-Exclusive access
                                         »Opening a design with Exclusive Access means reserving the right to
                                            save a design and no-one else can write to it while the
                                            exclusive user has it open
                                         »Opening a design with Non-Exclusive Access means there is the
                                            possibility of writing to the design in the future,
                                            as long as no one else secures a write reservation before the attempt
                                            to save
  • Corner Simulation Setup to easily simulate across process corners, temperatures, etc.
                    -Corner Simulations can now be setup in the S-Edit Setup Spice Simulation dialog
                    -Parameters, Temperature, and libraries may be set to any value for each corner that
                              is defined
                    -Shows corner set up dialog filled in for library corners

Link to the S-Edit Datasheet

T-Spice Performance Improvements

  • 20% improvement Transient Simulation Performance (DC Convergence) due to new compiler and solver
  • Update of Verilog-A, SimKit, and BSIM4 SOI models

Link to the T-Spice Datasheet

W-Edit Enhancements

  • Histograms
                    -New Histogram chart type
                    -Results of .MEASURE commands in a Monte Carlo simulation are automatically
                              plotted on a histogram upon completion of the simulation

  • Eye diagrams

                    -New eye diagrams chart type


  • Performance Improvements

Learn more about W-Edit

L-Edit Productivity Gains

  • Wire drawing productivity enhancements greatly improve routing productivity
                     -Manual routing is much faster with improved via placement tools – end a wire,
                            place a contact, and start a new wire, all with one key stroke.
  • Object snapping to intersections
                     -Snapping to intersections operates on all objects (boxes, polygons, wires, circles)
                            and works through hierarchy

Link to the L-Edit Datasheet

HiPer DevGen Additions

  • Resistor Dividers

                     -Resistor generator has the ability to create resistor arrays


  • HiPer DevGen cells now work better with SDL Router
                      -SDL is able to recognize resistors in a netlist that have the same L and W and
                              combine them into a single resistor array.

Learn more about the HiPer DevGen tool offering

HiPer Verify Enhancements

  • Major performance improvements for rules using Extent
  • Support for Size - Bevel option

Link to the HiPer Verify Datasheet

Download the What’s New in v15.10 Presentation to Learn More

Download the Supplemental What’s New in v15.11 Presentation

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