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IC Design Software - Analog, Mixed Signal Design Tools | Tanner EDA

Tanner EDA offers several specialty tools to enhance your productivity:

Layer Fill

  • In today's process nodes, specific density requirements are needed to reduce chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) variability and improve layer stress.

  • Layer Fill automatically adds shapes to empty areas of your chip on specified layers to have a specific density for better yield.

  • Requires HiPer Silicon or HiPer Design

Pad IO Cross-Reference Extractor (Pad Map)

  • Easy generation of bonding reports and creation of bonding diagrams for packaging.

  • Available for L-Edit, L-Edit Pro, Tanner Tools Pro, HiPer Silicon, HiPer Design

Wafer Tools

  • Used for Wafer or Recticle preparation

  • Populates wafers with maximum number of die

  • Adds unique polygon labels to each die on the wafer

  • Analyzes existing placed die, deletes outside die, and trims layers inside crossing die

  • Requires L-Edit


  • Import/Export Gerber format of your layout from L-Edit 

  • Supports both RS-274D and RS-274X Gerber files

  • Requires L-Edit

Node Highlighting

  • Connectivity visualization so you can quickly find and fix LVS problems.

  • Point to an object in the layout, regardless of hierarchy, and display all the geometry connected to it based on a set of connectivity rules

  • Highlight discrepancies between the schematic netlist and the extracted netlist in the layout

  • View multiple nodes in different colors

  • Track down shorts and opens

  • Requires L-Edit


  • Enables seamless integration with physical verification sign-off tools

  • Provides an interface for users of Calibre® tool suite, to use L-Edit and S-Edit for layout and schematic capture
  • Used in conjunction with the Calibre® RVE product, you can view Calibre® DRC errors, LVS results, and PEX parasitics in L-Edit and S-Edit

  • Allows users to run DRC & LVS on L-Edit and S-Edit designs from within Calibre® Interactive 


Learn more about Tanner EDA's EVI tool for Calibre® integration

Calibre is a registered trademark of Mentor Graphics.

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