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SDL Router Special Promotion

Now through December 30, 2009, get a one-year lease of the Tanner SDL Router Package for only $5,000.*


The SDL Router package is actually two tools that work together seamlessly within the Tanner Tools workflow:

1. Schematic Driven Layout (SDL) increases the speed and quality of custom layout.

  • SDL encourages good design practices by keeping close synchronization between the schematic and the layout.
  • It improves layout productivity by automating instance placement of cells and parameterized devices.
  • It improves placement quality by displaying real-time node flylines, allowing the user to avoid routing congestion.
  • It enforces exact name matching between layout and schematic for both instances and nodes. It tracks the engineer’s progress, and manages his workflow.

2. Schematic Driven Router is an automatic routing engine integrated directly into SDL.

  • It allows designers to focus on routes that truly require expensive hand craftsmanship. The router is entirely controlled by the layout engineer.
  • It natively uses the routing geometry created by the user, and runs on all or a specified subset of nodes on each pass.
  • SDL integration means users can easily highlight and rip up nodes, manage the manual and automatic routing status, and implement engineering change orders (ECOs).

Arrow For more information view the datasheet.

ArrowArrow Contact Tanner EDA or call us at +1 626-471-9701 or toll-free in US 1-877-325-2223.

SDL Router

*Promotion is limited to existing Commercial customers in North America.
Participants in this promotion will also be entitled to renew the SDL Router lease or convert to a permanent license at a special price. Ask your Tanner EDA Account Manager about pricing and licensing options.

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