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Tanner EDA Software Tools - Training for Analog IC, Mixed Signal, & MEMS Design

Tanner EDA provides a variety of training options and locations, taught by Tanner EDA tool experts with extensive design experience.

  • Training at Tanner is available each month in our own classroom with workstations loaded with our entire tool suite. (See information below.)
  • Customized training can be planned and modified to meet the unique needs of an individual, design team or company.
  • All our training can be scheduled at your site, via the web or at our corporate offices in Monrovia, California.

Contact Tanner EDA via email or call 1-877-325-2223 for more information or to discuss your training.


Classroom Training

Out of the office, no distractions -- get the most from your classroom time. Specialized design issues? Our instructors are ready to address them with fully customized classes.

Our courses range from Analog IC & Mixed Signal Design, which takes you step-by-step through the IC design process both introductory and advanced; to MEMs Design, which covers basic MEMS design operations; to UPI and T-Cells training that cover advanced use of L-Edit's parameterized cell capability.

Courses include concept presentations combined with hands-on workshops to insure your understanding of key concepts. Our certified instructors have a thorough knowledge of Tanner Tools and broad practical experience -- you benefit from the expertise of those who know our products best.

Course Schedule

  • Register Now      August 12-14, 2015 - Monrovia, CA - L-Edit MEMs & UPI/T-Cell Training


Product Benefits

  • Offers the industry's leading nanometer analog and mixed-signal simulator.

  • Performs 5x-10x faster simulations than industry standard SPICE simulators.

  • Seamless integration with S-Edit and W-Edit.


Watch Video: BDA's Paul Estrada talks about the collaboration with Tanner EDA Nicolas Williams of Tanner EDA discusses Analog FastSPICE Performance Paul Estrada discusses the integrated Tanner-BDA offering Nicolas Williams of Tanner EDA summarizes HiPer Simulation AFS features

Product Features

  • Integration of BDAs Analog FastSPICE with S-Edit and W-Edit.

  • Provides nanometer SPICE accuracy; at 5x-10x the speed.

  • Lets you simulate directly from S-Edit.

  • Supports the latest foundry MOSFET and BJT processes.

  • Simplifies circuit design through a powerful, easy-to-use interface.

  • Shortens design cycles through tight integration of schematic, simulation, and waveform analysis

  • Lets you quickly and interactively view, measure, and analyze waveforms through intuitive and highly configurable multiple window, multiple chart interface.

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