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Tanner EDA Empowers

Tanner EDA Empowers

"The Internet of Things"

  • Tanner EDA Empowers

    "The Internet of Things"

    Tanner EDA empowers customer end-products for "The Internet of Things"

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    HiPer Silicon AMS

    The EDA Tool Suite for Analog/Mixed-Signal Designs

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    HiPer Silicon

    See for yourself why HiPer Silicon is the Price-Performance leader.

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    Customer Success Stories

    Read about how Tanner is driving innovation at these leading firms.

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    Tanner Tools with OpenAccess

    See how OpenAccess enables new levels of interoperability and collaboration.

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    L-Edit MEMS Design

    More MEMS designs are created on Tanner than any other EDA tool - find out why.

Schematic Driven Layout (SDL) encourages good design practices by keeping close synchronization between the schematic and the layout. Names of devices, cells and nets will be automatically set. Drawn routing is automatically labeled with the net name for easy inspection and management.

SDL increases productivity and eliminates errors with automatic instancing of cells and parameterized devices. If device parameters change later, parameterized cells will be automatically updated.

With real-time net flylines, you can optimize your placement to avoid routing congestion and place related devices near each other for better matching. With net highlighting, it’s easy to optimize routing to avoid noisy or sensitive nets.

SDL keeps track of which nets and pins have been routed, so you will always know what’s left to do. When the design changes, SDL compares the old and new netlists and displays icons in the SDL Navigator showing you exactly which nets and pins have been modified. Since routing geometry is tagged, you can easily highlight and rip up nodes, making ECOs (Engineering Change Orders) a breeze.

Looking for more? Check out the SDL Router.

View the SDL special promotion here.

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Tanner EDA partners with leading foundries to provide all-inclusive solutions for advanced process technologies. Our featured partner is:


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Tanner EDA helps longtime customer Intan Technologies to bring analog and digital together with maximum accuracy, using the mixed-signal tool suite from Tanner EDA. View Case Study

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Tanner EDA provides a complete line of software solutions that catalyze innovation for the design, layout and verification of analog and mixed-signal (A/MS) integrated circuits (ICs). Learn more.

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