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Our most powerful analog/mixed-signal tool flow is now available

Tanner Tools v16 offers many new features and significantly greater functionality. As you view the list below, you may click on any of the features to view a short video demonstration of that capability in action.


Mixed Signal Simulation Demo video-icon

L-Edit Standard & Custom Vias video-icon

L-Edit Library & Cell List Navigation video-icon

L-Edit Electrical Ports & Text Labels video-icon

L-Edit Open Access Databases video-icon

L-Edit Dockable Toolbars video-icon

S-Edit Verilog AMS views video-icon

W-Edit Plot & Curve Enhancements video-icon

W-Edit Parametric & Scatter Plots video-icon

W-Edit Measure Fit Calculation video-icon

W-Edit Cursor Table video-icon

W-Edit Chart Text Enhancements video-icon


Some quotes from our v16 Beta Users


I really like the Open Access capabilities. I also like the increased control over W-Edit axis labels. K. Veeder


...the speed and memory utilization improvements in the running of HiPer Verify is excellent. D. Carpenter


Overall, v16 is a real winner - nice job!   M. Wadsworth


The Via tools are slick. I really like the click and drag via array creation... .     D. Carpenter

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